This weekend the Green Fifield Fat Tire took part in a 20 mile bike ride sponsored by the Probus Club, which raises funds to help those with intellectual disabilities.

20 miles was a breeze for the Fat Tire. The tires may look like they limit you to snow, sand and off road riding, but you will find the bike is just as home on the road. There is no extra struggle or resistance riding the bike on pavement, which comes as a surprise to many. The pedal assist feature delivers a smooth power that will help when you need it, and disappear when you don’t (depending on the power level you select).

On the beach the pedal assist comes in handy for deep soft sand, giving you the feeling of surfing or skiing as the bike almost drifts around beneath you. It’s a feeling that takes some getting used to, but rest assured you can get anywhere on any surface with this bike.

Make sure you are one for attention because this bike was a head turner on the road; catching the eyes of experienced cyclists all the way to kids, parents, and everywhere in between.

It’s especially exciting to turn the pedal assist to level five and ride alongside the racers on their road bikes, who are flying, while not even breaking a sweat!



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