It’s All Good

However you look at it, riding an e-bike is good. Good for your health, the environment and your soul. And we at Fifield handcraft and sell really good electric bikes. Please keep that in mind for when you inevitably realize that you just have to have one.


Feel the Rush

No one appreciates how cool an e-bike feels until they ride one. Then the great big spontaneous smile inevitably erupts.


Cover More Distance

Whether you’re touring the Alps, or just want to ride all day, e-bikes provide the extra energy to keep your adventure going.


Commute Greener

Minimize your carbon footprint, escape traffic oppression, and up your health without arriving to work all sweaty.


Stay Riding Longer

No more will creaky joints or lack of shape hold you back. Feel the wind in your hair, keep up with the grandkids and ease back into a more active life with e-bike power assist.

Latest Technology Courtesy of Yankee Ingenuity



Our best-seller. A foldable, glow in the dark, electric bike that is so convenient, you’ll never leave home without it.



Sold Out


This smooth comfortable cruiser is equally at home at the beach, on country lanes or bopping around town.



Our smooth operator. The Seaside delivers a comfortable, stable, FUN ride- perfect for touring or running errands in town.



Fifield’s all terrain all-star. Our fat tire e-bike provides a powerful ride on trails, pavement, sand, and snow.



Hand built here in New England to deliver smooth riding for the long haul… and tough enough to take off road too.



Our ultimate e-bike, hand built in the USA for ultimate performance, efficiency and longevity.