e-Bikes from e-Bike Fanatics


Fifield has been known for more than 90 years as an innovative purveyor of specialty fabrics for a wide array of industrial and consumer markets.


That is until founder Ed Martin finally decided to follow his passion and get into e-bikes.  Five years later, he led FiField on a mission to create better e-bikes.


Our goal at Fifield has always been to reshape personal transportation and we like to throw in a whole lot of fun with your experience.

Fifield e-Bikes Give You More

Better Frames

Made from hi-grade aluminum to optimize the weight and strength balance of your ride.

Innovative Gearing

Optimizing the use of bike gears and the battery assist; each model is set up for the best riding experience.

High Efficiency Motors

From mid-drive to rear-drive motors with 350 to 750 watts of power we will be sure to have a bike that fits your needs.

Dual Drive System

Though the bikes are labelled as Pedal-assist, we will offer many models with throttles for those times you just don’t want to pedal

We’re proud of our e-bikes. Please check them out.