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Fifield has been known for more than 90 years as an innovative purveyor of specialty fabrics for a wide array of industrial and consumer markets. That is until founder Ed Martin finally decided to follow his passion and get into e-bikes. Enlisting the aid of e-bike design-build guru, he led FiField on a mission to create better e-bikes.


We custom build our premiere Chatham and Caladesi e-bikes by hand, right here in the USA. And while we do outsource manufacturing on other models to be able to offer lower-price e-bikes, we hand select all components and assure they are built according to our innovative designs to meet our exacting specifications.

Fifield e-Bikes Give You More

Better Frames


Made from the highest quality aircraft-grade chrome moly steel that’s lighter, more durable, more flexible and safer than aluminum.

Innovative Gearing


Our internal gear and belt drive system that offers a quieter ride, 2–3 times longer life span than a chain, and no exposed greasy chain to foul trousers.

High Efficiency Motors


FiField motors deliver 250W of zero-emissions electric power boost, and cost as little as $.10 to fully charge.

Dual Drive System


Two types of electrical assistance—You can use pedal assistance to enhance your traditional riding experience or activate the throttle and let the motor do all the work.


We’re proud of our e-bikes. Please check them out.

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