Bonfire 500


Looking to go the distance? This powerful 500 watt motor matched with a 48 volt – 14.5Ah battery will get you where you need to. Add in fenders, lights and front suspension, the Bonfire becomes the ultimate commuter!


Ultimate Commuter with 500 Watts of hub-drive power; 48V-14.5ah battery and 27 Gears

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Red-Small, Black-Large

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3 reviews for Bonfire 500

  1. admin

    I recently purchased a Fifield e-bike, the Bonfire, and it has been a blast! From the ease of changing gears to the twist of the throttle for a little help up a hill, this has been a pure pleasure to ride. My daughter and I recently completed a 25 mile ride for Habitat for Humanity on this e-bike, and the ability to use the electric assist was very helpful since I was carrying an additional 35 lbs in my child seat. I go out on rides every opportunity I get, and even when I don’t put in much effort, the throttle assist still takes me exactly where I want to go. Thanks for making the bike available at an affordable price.
    — Dana McGivney, Rockland MA

  2. admin

    What an experience! Super easy to ride. Perfect transportation when you are feeling lazy or even if you just want to go for ride but don’t want to sweat! Must have product.
    -Paul Yoon, New York NY

  3. admin

    My Fifield e-Bike makes riding up hills as effortless and enjoyable as riding along the beach. I also love having the option of biking to work and not needing a shower when I get there. — Angelo Grauel, Boston MA

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