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Discontinued – Demo bikes for sale from $1,000


The 11-speed Caladesi by Fifield is hand built by Ted Wojcik in the USA form the very best components available. The attention to detail will be quite evident the moment you hit the road. The Caladesi delivers a velvety smooth ride, power when you need it whether from pedaling or motor assist, and exceptional all-around performance and durability.


Discontinued – Demo bikes for sale from $1,000

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Small: 4'11" – 5'3", Medium: 5'3" – 5'8", Large: 5'8" – 6"1"


Sea Green, Sand, Coral, Tidepool Blue, Pink Lemonade, Moonlit Silver

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1 review for Caladesi

  1. FJH

    This is note a review but rather a compliment to the people at Fifield.
    I have researched (and tried) every comfy, commuter, urban, about-town, E-bike that is presently available on the West Coast. Today I happened on the Fifield site and I was so awed by the Chatham and the Caladesi. These bicycles are simply beautiful. My compliments to you all. I can’t wait to try one.

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