Jetty 4.0

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NEW Jetty 4.0



Fold it up and stick it in your apartment, car, closet, boat- just about anywhere, and it’ll be ready to take you wherever the day does with ease, style, and efficiency.

New Features include increased power to a 350 Watt motor and lighter Magnesium Alloy Wheels.  Available in Red or Blue

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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Jetty 4.0

  1. admin

    “I use my Jetty for running in town errands. It is cheaper than starting my car, wasting gas, (and all that other good stuff). When folded up, I can fit it easily in my closet and out of the way.” — Glenn Ward, Hingham MA

  2. admin

    “I love the bike. It is fun & it is fast I cannot believe how much easier it is to make it up hills, I am ready to do the Tour De France. Everybody should own one of these. I am disabled so this bike is great if you have problems with your legs, as much as I do.” — Jim Tozza, Saugus MA

  3. Fay Lewis

    My Jetty has allowed me to cut my commute in half, get groceries without struggling with the transportation, run errands in a fraction of the time, plan to go to many places in 1 day when it would have otherwise been impossible, and do all of this with only having to charge a relatively small, removable battery. And, I was able to get around even when I was just getting off of crutches–it saved my legs.

    The back wheel locks, too!

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