Rogue Wave

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Now 750 WATTS OF FAT-TIRE POWER for trails, pavement, sand, and snow.

We all love to eBike to work at Fifield HQ in Hingham, MA, but New England winters presented us with a bit of a challenge. We stepped up to the plate, and The Rogue Wave was born for you to enjoy everywhere, year-round. The enjoyment of a folding bike, commuter, or cruiser ends where the pavement does. The Rogue Wave can take you absolutely anywhere you need to go- getting you twice the use and twice the fun.



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Recreational Red: 750 watt mid-drive

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2 reviews for Rogue Wave

  1. Mark Tarinelli

    I had a test ride of the Rogue Wave today and found it to be nimble and easy to control over the roughest terrain I could find including a pebble covered beach and a rocky construction site. It was smooth and fast on dirt roads a pleasure to ride!

  2. doug

    The Rogue Wave is my first fat-tire bike as well as my first e-bike. I’ve had it nearly a year, but in the past few weeks have experienced the New England winter weather conditions I bought it for – it’s great! The fat tires offer less riding resistance (and much less road noise) than studded tires. The fat tire geometry is forgiving when I do lose traction; I’ve often been able to stand the wheel up again. It is still challenging to ride in heavy snow (I had some trouble with snow/ice getting packed into the tire tread) but it is very good for those days when the streets are plowed but bike lane/side of the street is still slushy. Even though the bike is heavy it rides comfortably even without the pedal assist.

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