Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ride an e-bike?

If you learned how to ride a bike as a child, you know how to ride an electric bike. The features are the same, with the addition of the electric motor, rechargeable battery, controller, not to mention the fun factor.

How does it work?

Very easy: there are two types of electric assistance: pedal and throttle. You can activate the motor by simply pedaling or just by twisting the throttle. Note: You still have to steer.

How far does it go?

This depends on terrain and weight, but generally our e-bike runs 20-30 miles on a single charge (if you are heavy on the throttle vs. manual pedaling which can take you 50-60 miles).

How long does it take to get a full charge?

Approximately 3-5 hours to go from 0 to fully charged.

Can an e-bike run in any climate?

Yes. The electrical system is sealed so that it can handle most any kind of environment, as long as you’re not planning to leave the ground.

Would I exercise less on an e-bike?

This is your conscience talking. With an e-bike, you’d actually get out there more often. Hills would suddenly feel flat and distances seem shorter.

How fast does it go?

The motor will assist you up to 20 mph. as is street legal. Any faster is all you.

What happens if my battery runs out before I reach my destination?

This is where you simply keep pedaling—and reminding yourself to get a full charge next time.

Do I need a license to ride?

Very few, but still some, states require that you obtain a license to ride an e-Bike. Regulations on how and where e-Bikes can be ridden differ between states, and it’s always best to check out your local rules and regs.

Is an e-bike heavier than a regular bike?

Yes, but—brag moment—thanks to steel construction, our Chatham and Caldesi are lighter than other typical e-bikes. Our manufactured bikes however, generally weigh between 45 and 55 pounds; this includes the motor and (detachable) battery. However, the extra power delivered by the motor tends to compensate for the extra weight of the bike- typically, you will not feel any additional “weight” or “clunkiness” during your ride.

How will the bike come if I order it today?

We enthusiastically recommend that you order today. Your new Fifield e-Bike will arrive partially assembled in a super durable box. Due to the various moving parts, we advise that you bring it to your local bike shop to ensure perfect assembly and customization to your specific needs.

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