The New lighter and versatile Jetty 4.0

Jetty 4.0

Price: $1,399



Jetty Storage/Transportation Bag

Price: $64.99

(included with Jetty purchase)

Sale: $49.99


750 Watts of Maximum Electric Power!

Rogue Wave

Price: $2,299

Commuter Series

5 levels of pedal assist  | | Motor Range 30-50 miles

The Ultimate Commuters
Bonfire 500

Price: $1,799

Bonfire 350

Price: $1,999


Price $1,499

Custom Built E-Bikes

Hand-built in New England, these masterpieces offer years and years of maximum performance with minimal maintenance.

5 levels of pedal assist  |  internal manual gearing  | Motor Range 25-35 miles

Great for heavy, regular use or daily commuting
Discontinued – Demo models for $1,000 available.
List Price was $6,500
Discontinued – Demo models for $1,000 available.
List Price was $6,500

Simple, clean and lighter design

Our new M-Electric eBikes are specifically designed to minimize cost without sacrificing fun.

3 levels of pedal assist | automatic gearing | motor range 28-50 miles

Lighter weight, urban style everyday bike
Momentum Electric Model T

Price: $1,299





Momentum Electric 2wenty

Price: $999


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